Rainbow Pride Roses
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I would rather have one rose, and a kind word from a friend while I'm here,  than a whole truck load when I'm gone.  Take Time to Stop, and Enjoy the Roses .

Rainbow Roses are great to show PRIDE at all occassions and events including: Weddings, Committment Ceremonies, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Love, Congrats, Get Well, Sympathy, Condolence, Bereavement, or  "Just Because..."

These bright, bold buds made of ribbon NEVER  NEED  WATERING!!!!. They are hyper-allergenic; great for those allergic to real flowers or fragrances. Their flexability makes them great for floral arrangements, and other decorative ideas.

Enjoy a bunch, an arrangement or just a single bud. They are great to give, receive, decorate, or distribute them at Pride Events, Weddings and special occassions.


                                         Rainbow Pride Roses at LGBT Expo in NYC :


                                        To order contact: Rainbowdee@verizon.net