Rainbow Pride Roses
Important Links

"2-4-1 Entertainment"- Robin and Christine: http://www.2-4-1entertainment.com

Jo Z Events:  www.jozevents.com

Nancy  B:  www.Puresilkproductions.com

"Q Girls" - Heather:  www.Q-Girls.Net

Circle of Voices: http://www.circleofvoicesinc.org

Alleyne Studios: http://www.alleynestudios.com

Anti Violence Project NYC:  http://www.avp.org

The LGBT Center in Manhattan NY:  www.gaycenter.org

The Loft LGBT Center White Plains: http://loftgaycenter.org 

Gay Pride Rockland   http://www.gaypriderockland.org/

Griot Circle Brooklyn: http://www.griotcircle.org/links/history.html

Celeste Beletti: www.celestemusic.com

LGBT Youth Pride Chorus NYC: http://www.youthpridechorus.org/index.html

Brooklyn Pride: www.BrooklynPride.org

Westchester Pride:  www.westchesterpride.org

Provincetown Ma Tourism: http://www.provincetowntourismoffice.org

The Women Innkeepers Provincetown Guest Houses: http://www.womeninnkeepers.com

Queer Black Cinema: www.QueerBlackCinema.org

Our Stories Productions:    www.ospfilms.com

The Lesbian Cancer Initiative offers a continuum of cancer-related services to lesbians, bisexual women, transgender people, their caregivers, partners and loved ones. These services include support, prevention/outreach activities, educational events and LGBT cultural competency training for cancer-care providers. Lesbian Cancer Initiative @  The LGBT Community Center 208 West 13th Street New York 10011.                                  Phone: 212-620-7310.

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